Support and Representation for Property Professionals in the Private Rented Sector

PRSP: A Membership Organisation

Support and Representation for Property Professionals in the Private Rented Sector

PRSP: A Membership Organisation

The vision for setting up PRSP (Private Rented Sector Professionals) was to create an organisation that would represent its members and by working together, help those members.

David d'Orton-Gibson

Managing Director, PRSP


During the Spring series of ‘Tenant Fee Ban Workshops’ run by our sister organisation ‘Training for Professionals’ in 2017, the idea arose to establish an impartial “association” of letting agents and larger landlords in order to create a strong ‘voice’ that could influence political and/or strategic decisions and also offer a variety of values for its members. When discussing such an association at many of the workshops, we received a very enthusiastic response.

We have been working on this idea ever since and are now in a position to launch “Private Rented Sector Professionals” or PRSP for short.

With a membership organisation, we can now act on behalf of hundreds or thousands of agents/landlords, giving our collective views and suggestions more clout in the eyes of those running consultations. This should help ensure that legislation passed becomes more sensible and more in favour of the agent/landlord.

If we work together, we have the potential to achieve a better value as a result of purchasing power. We would always welcome any suggestions for the sort of suppliers we might seek to work with, in order to get you better value for money than what you can achieve on your own.

As we envisage Private Rented Sector Professionals as a “member led organisation”. We will be seeking to work with you going forward to see how we can help you further including into which areas you would like PRSP to develop.

Join now so that you may start enjoying the benefits immediately. Help us, help you, shape the future of both the organisation and indeed the very industry in which we work.

Membership Benefits

Keep Up-To-Date

As members, you’ll receive information on legislative changes and other important updates directly to your email inbox. Staying up-to-date with legislation and court decisions is always tricky but PRSP will help make sure you are not caught out.

Utilities (Switching)

Members receive all Tenant Shop services as described on the Tenant Shop website plus a commission based revenue stream. Members can make up to £35 per tenancy they sign up to Tenant Shop. £5 for energy switch, £5 for Anyvan (removals), £10 for insurance and £15 for media (tv/broadband).

You’ll also receive a preferential line for account management to resolve any issues as a matter of priority.

Photo Editing

Members benefit from collective group discounts with Doctor Photo.

Volume from all members will be pooled together as a single group.

A greater number of photo edits from the members will mean a greater discount on prices for all.


PRSP will monitor government consultations, notify you of them and respond on your behalf as members.

Agents and landlords often don’t get their voices heard and this is one of the reasons we get so much anti agent/landlord legislation.

We want to add your voice to future discussions but in a way that is easy for you to do. Government listen to significant bodies so the more members we can achieve under PRSP, the more our voice will be heard. We are not a regulator, we are here to represent your best interests.

Utilities (Sharing)

Members receive all HURU services, as described on the HURU website, at a promotional rate of £20 off for every property they sign up to Huru.

HURU will also offer PRSP members a referral fee of £20 for every house they refer which becomes an active Huru customer, regardless of whether or not they’re on your books.

Legal Support

PRSP members save 15% on all business services provided by DPA Law.

Professional Indemnity

St Giles Legal & Professional Risks Ltd specialises in the placement of Insurance policies for property professionals.

Check our partners page to find out how PRSP members benefit.

Fuel Cards

A fuel card is a payment card restricted to fuel only purchases. Removing the hassle of having to pay your staff for millage with the assurance that your money won’t be spent on other items.

Members will be eligible for 6 months free-of-charge fuel card services.

Discounts depend on fuel supplier.